Construction: Multi Level Loop
Fibre Type: 100% PP BCF SD
Gauge: 1/12
Primary Backing: Polyester spunbond fabric
Pile Height High Pile mm ± 5%: 4.5mm
Pile Height Low Pile mm ± 5%: 3.0mm
Stitches Per 10 cm ± 5%: 39
Total Thickness: 6.0mm
Glue Down: Yes – Roberts Water Base Surface Contact Adhesive
Backing Material: PVC With Glass Fibre
Colour Fastness To Crocking: Grey scale 4
Dimensional Stability: Passed QB/T2755-2055
Flammability: Passed ISO 9239-1
Stain Resistant: Yes To water based stain
Wear Rating: 10 years ( Normal Traffic )
Size: 50 x 50cm Packing
No Tiles In Carton: 24 Pieces Square Meters Per Carton: 6m²

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